After all, you deserve it

After All, You Deserve It

Kinder Bueno Loaded Donuts

Half a dozen of our baked donuts, fried to order and topped with Nutella and white chocolate drizzle and crushed Bueno.

Nutella Milkshake

Classic Thicc creamy ice cream, Loads of Nutella & Whipped Cream

Snickers Loaded Waffels

Hot thick waffles, smooth caramel with chocolate sauce sprinkled with peanuts

We're committed to more than just good food

As a part of the Burger Prospect family our philosophy is simple, our food must be fresh, our ambience on point and our customers happy


What We Do



We’re proud to be have a welcoming and vibrant environment. Our aim is to ensure all customers feel at comfortable in our exciting restaurants


We source the best and local ingredients to ensure every burger is on point. We’re passionate about taste. This is why every BP Burger is made to order and guarantee your satisfaction


Being local is an important part of the burger prospect makeup. We love to support local suppliers and the various South Australian produce companies. 

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198 Prospect Road, Prospect, SA 5082

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